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Friday, June 16, 2006

Make money work at home Part-1

Are you looking at all the ways to make money work at home and getting confused? Or, are you looking for a job or a business but don't know which is best for you?
At last, here's an overview of the different ways for you to make money at home, the different types of income that are possible, and a plan to put it all together so you make money today and more in the future!

Let's get started with…

Ways to create income from home. There are lots of ways for you to make money at home. This list is an overview of the options; once you select a particular option you can come up with many specifics for any one of them as far as the specific product, the company you work with, and other specifics.

* Take a job with someone else

This is what most people think of when they talk about make money work at home. It is tough to find a home-based position, since the demand exceeds the supply. Your best bet would be to negotiate a position with a former employer or someone else who knows you. If that's not an option, read our article on "Finding a Telecommuting Job".

* Sell your services

Instead of taking a position with an employer, you can sell your services to multiple employers as a consultant and, be able to work at home. The potential downside here is the amount of marketing required to keep a steady stream of income coming in - although if you can align yourself with ongoing company needs, such as accounting, administration or legal work that may reduce it. The good news is that an independent consultant can charge a lot more than an employee, which means you may be able to work less and make money at home.

* Resell products

You could purchase products which you then sell to others for more - either because you bought a large quantity and they want a smaller one, because you improved or repackaged the product in some way, or simply because you found an excellent deal and are saving them time! You could sell items for others on consignment. This can be an excellent one for mothers at home with children, because you can still work at home, by selling the items on eBay or other auction web sites and you can get it all started with only a camera.You can join a party sales or network marketing program and market those products. The advantage is that you won't need to locate suppliers, develop marketing materials, and probably can even utilize a company web site for your online sales. Look for an excellent training program and tools when selecting a program. You can start up an affiliate web site, where you link visitors to vendors offering products of interest to them. You could take a position as an outside sales rep for a corporation or manufacturer. This could be done from home if you find a product which is appropriate for telephone sales.

* Work at home by creating and selling items

Why not create your own items and start selling them? This allows you to make money at home, which is a great way to work at home! Start with something you enjoy doing, and look for ways to leverage it into something you can sell. Here are a few examples:

Refinish furniture or repair items
Create handmade items or crafts kits
Write and market a book or e-book

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