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Friday, April 28, 2006

How to Make Money at Home with Your Computer Part-3

O.K. The wheels should be turning now.

I just presented you with a problem. Can you solve it for me? Yes you can! Of course you can not sell me time, that's impossible. But you can save me time, which is actually better.

This is my problem, and if I have this problem so do lots of other people.

I happen to know that if I write articles just like the one you are now reading, that I can drive people to my websites and some of them will send me money. So the more articles I write and post on the internet, the more visitors I get, and the more money I make. Sad as it may seem, I am motivated by money.

The only problem is I can barely find time to write the articles because my websites keep me busy filling orders, answering e-mail and taking peoples money. Not to mention all the other things in my life that consume my time. Like a full time job, and a full time family. Oh yeah, then there's that nursery in the backyard. It eats up a few hours too, but then again it makes a few thousand bucks.

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