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Monday, April 24, 2006

A Secret To Breaking That Meager Money Cycle Part-6.

Let me tell you a little-known secret that everyone needs to know. The reason why 90% of us aren't making any money, despite all our hard work, is that we just aren't cut out for marketing. It's not our fault, and it's not because we're not smart or don't work hard enough. You see, we've been told all along that ANYONE can succeed online, and then we expect that to be true. In reality, however, real marketers are a rare breed... a breed who possesses the gift of persuasion, snappy writing, and basically talking people out of their money. These people are few and far between, which is why successful salespeople are among the highest paid on earth.

So, what can you do to become one of these rare specimens? Sadly, nothing. Can you learn to become a successful marketer? Probably not. Unless you naturally possess the "marketing gene," and have the best luck in the world, you probably won't find real success online as long as you're trying to do the marketing yourself.

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