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Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Secret To Breaking That Meager Money Cycle Part-3.

What is my definition of making truly SERIOUS MONEY?

SERIOUS MONEY is earning several thousands of dollars per month from all of your online efforts.

Is this also your idea of truly SERIOUS MONEY?

Now let's examine the key ingredients to the recipe for making this truly SERIOUS MONEY online:

A) Make, Offer and Own Your Own Product or Service.

This is the KEY ingredient of the recipe.

You MUST make, offer and own your very own unique service or product.

B) Have A Payment System In Place.

You MUST have a payment system in place that will allow your customers to pay for your product or service online.

C) Identify Your Customers.

You MUST know who is your customer and you MUST know why they would want to purchase your product or service.

D) Establish Your Own Email List.

The Internet is all about GLOBAL COMMUNICATION and the most fundamental as well as the very best form is email!

E) Build Your Web Site.

Whereas email is the BEST form of COMMUNICATION, a web site is the BEST form of INFORMATION DELIVERY.

And, not only can your web site best inform your customer, it can also then lead him or her to the CLOSE OF THE SALE.

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